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The ministry of Trinity Lutheran Church in the community of Alden Terrace began with a worship service on June 6, 1942, held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Gundersen. The congregation was officially organized and a constitution was adopted on October 15, 1942. In November of the same year, Pastor Baker was called to serve as the first pastor of the congregation.

The fast-growing congregation numbered 105 members by October 1943. The congregation continued to worship in the chapel in the Gundersen’s basement until September 1944 when worship began in the new chapel built at the present site of the church at Oliver Avenue and Everett Street in Valley Stream. A parsonage was built in 1047 and the basement of the parsonage was used as a Sunday School chapel. By the fall of 1949, 180 children were enrolled in classes that met in the basement and the attic of the parsonage.


Soon the congregation outgrew its basement quarters and in August 1949 construction of the church sanctuary over the basement structure began. It was a day of great rejoicing when the first worship service in the new sanctuary was held on Christmas Eve 1949.


Trinity’s Sunday School continued to grow until double sessions were needed. By 1954 there were nearly 60 Sunday School teachers on the staff; the Junior Choir had 50 members and the Luther League 40 members. The time had come to expand. A groundbreaking service was held in May of 1955 with 500 people in attendance. Construction of the new Christian Education Building was completed in September of 1955 and was dedicated on November 17th of that year.

Beginning in March of 1968 a drive was launched to pay off the remainder of the church mortgage. The mortgage burning ceremony was held on October 11, 1970.

Trinity has been blessed with a weekday Nursery School. The Nursery School is one way that Trinity ministers to the neighborhood.


After 93 years, on June 19th, 2005, St. Paul’s Church on South Grove Street in Valley Stream, built in 1924, closed its doors. In the spring of 2004 St. Paul’s pastor of 20 years resigned to assume other duties. The church lost congregants and it was difficult for the few remaining members to maintain it. The council members of Trinity Lutheran and St. Paul’s over many meetings decided on a union between the two churches.  On June 19th a last worship service was held at St. Paul’s, with members of both congregations in attendance. After holding the final closing ceremony on the steps in front of St. Paul’s Church, all members, of both Trinity and St. Paul’s, walked through the doors of Trinity Lutheran Church in a procession and continued with worship services.

 At the end of 2005 many suggestions for a name for our new church were submitted. The winning entry was: New Hope Lutheran Church.


      Pastors of Trinity Lutheran  Church


     Rev. William Baker          November 1942 – Sept. 1945

Rev. Rudolph Ramseth     March 1946 – October 1950

Rev. Erling Nilssen           November 1950 – Nov. 1959

Rev. Hudson Clements      February 1960 – April 1968

Rev. Louis Haseley            April 1968 – June 1987

Rev. Carla Meier               September 1987 -  June 2001

Rev. Marianne Tomacek   September 2001 – June 2003



             Pastors of St. Paul's Church


         Rev. Arnold Keller             1913-1916
           Rev. Walter Raccius           1917-1919
           Rev. Fred Ressig                1920-1922
           Rev. Carl W. Nutzhorn      1922-1924
          Rev. Otto Becker                 1924-1964
          Rev. Richard Pankow         1864-1977
          Rev. Fredrick Pillmeier      1977
          Rev. Robert Rimbo              1978-1981
          Rev. Steven Anderson         1982-1985
         Rev. Gail Burwa                  1986-2004
 Rev. Paul Britton served as Vice Pastor between pastors in
1977,1978,1981-82, and 1985


         Pastors of New Hope Lutheran Church


                  Rev. Jonathan Hopkins       June 2003-June 2009