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Christ Jesus…  Our Cornerstone Chosen and Precious

"Moved by the Love of God to Serve All People by Witnessing to the Good News of Jesus Christ"


Pastor's Corner

New Year Priorities


We are at the end of the year 2010 and ready to welcome a new year, 2011.

By the time you get to read this Cornerstone, Christmas will be over down and Our Savior will be born.


The beginning of every year finds many people making resolutions to help improve their lives.  Some people make resolutions to improve their relationship with their families or friends.  New Year resolutions should include, especially to us Christians, resolutions that deal with our spiritual side of life.


There are three basic priorities that I believe every Christian should have in life.  These priorities need to be part of our New Year resolutions.


Number One: Worship

In Hebrews 10:22, “Let us draw near to God with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience and having our bodies washed with pure water.”

Worshiping God should be our priority in this coming year.  Worship Him at home and in Church, talking to God and letting Him talk to you.


Number two: Work

God’s people who are employed should work hard and be role models wherever they are working.


Number three: Witness

In 1 Peter 3:15, “But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord.  Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give reason for the hope that you have in Christ.  But do this with gentleness and respect.”

More than ever before, we need to witness for Christ.  We need to give away our faith to others.  We need to talk, invite, encourage and show compassion in order to lead people to Christ and to Church.  We need to let the message of Christ flow through us to others.


We are blessed by God with the beginning of a new year.  In thanksgiving, let us make our resolution one of repentance and interior change, pursuing our lives in accordance with the will of God and the example of our Savior.  Let us lay aside all the earth cares, replacing them with a firm commitment to seek renewal in the Lord.  In so doing, we will discover that indeed the Lord is with us at every moment in every circumstance, giving us the resolve to grow in and with Him now and in the days to come.


With love in Christ,

Happy New Year.


Pastor Perucy 


Remember In Your Prayers

For Healing: 

Dorothy Allocca, Michael Anobile, Kenneth Bambach, John Betke, Alice Blair, Sylvia Blake, Michael Bonfiglio, Joanne Bronars, Joseph Bronars,  Armand Cardillo, Elsie Carlson, Joan Carlson, Jeanette Carrion, Lenore Ciavarella, Louis Ciavarella, Eleanor Czerwinski, Margaret DeFelice, Anna DeJesus, James English, Geroloma Faticanti, Otis Gipson, Marge Gluntz, Andrea Graham, Lieselotte Hannemann, Marianne Hanvey, Ruby Hutchinson, Estelle Hyder, Mabel Isakson, Edward Kata, Donald Kinsella, Louis Kolzniski, Richard Kral, Doris Kramer, Gabriella Malka, Sonia Marroquin, Claire McGoldrick, Dora Nestor, Chris Noel, Bob Oerzon Sr., Claire Oerzon, Betty Ousey, Gladys Pacheco, Peggy Pitt-Calizaire, Charles Schuler, William Schultheiss, Betty Scott, Audrey Soto, Ron Star, Dorothy Stevens, Thomas Tracey, Laura Vasquez, James Werth, Veronica Werth and Jerry Zolobkowski.


For Comfort for the Grieving: 

the family and friends of: Robert Albers, Allison Broderick, Anna Marie Cascio, Helen Chalmers, Judith Chalmers, Robert Ehmer, Emina Giardina, Charles Greiger, Betty Gundersen, Irene Held, Martha Kirchhoeffer, Elsa Kress, Robert Lane, Paul Levitt, Mary McWethy, Claude Mombeleur, Daniel Pompa, Thomas Rizzo, John Scott, Cleophas Shaw, Rubin Solomon, Nicholas Svercel, Gloria Vargas, Frances Vindigni and Alice Walker.



For Guidance and Protection:

Ascension Lutheran (Glendale), Akayla, Felicita, Ingrid, Jaquan, Jazmin, Matthew, Venus, Dawn Dempsey, Melissa Feliciano, Alexis Gonzalez, Barbara Kiernan, Joyce Lawrence, Ana Ortiz, Jesse Rieckman and all U.S. armed services personnel, especially those in Afghanistan and Iraq.



Communion Assistants

We are in need of additional people to assist with distributing Holy Communion on Sunday.

The Communion assistant usually fills the individual glasses, using the Pouring Chalice, during the distribution of Communion.  Communion assistants may be confirmed members of any age and are rotated from one week to the next, so the more assistants we have, the less often you would be scheduled to serve.

Please speak to Douglas Kral if you are interested in helping out.  Thank you. 


Calling any and all musicians of


We are always looking for new musicians to enhance our worship time.  If you have any musical talent – percussion, piano, vocals, violin, etc. – and wish to take part in the service, however big or small, please contact Tracey Rosen at or (516) 652-6878.


Bulletin Sponsors Needed !

We are looking for people to sponsor the printing of our full-service bulletin, much in the way that people sponsored the Celebrate insert in the past. The cost is $35 per week. You may sponsor one week, a month or a whole season. Someone has already offered to sponsor the month of December. If you cannot afford $35, you may join with others in sponsoring. See Pastor Jon if you are interested.




First Communion &

Confirmation Classes


First Communion and Confirmation classes will be held immediately after the 10:00 service on Sunday.  If your child is of first communion or confirmation age, please speak to Pastor Perucy.  If you’re not sure, speak to Pastor anyway.


Retreats for 2011

The Junior High Retreat is scheduled for Friday, February 25 – Sunday February 27, 2011 for 6th through 8th grade.  The Senior High Retreat is scheduled for Friday, March 18 – Sunday, March 20, 2011 for high school students.  Please let me know if you are planning to attend so I can register our team timely.  It is possible that we will consolidate the youth into the Senior High Retreat if we do not have enough youth sign up.  The cost will be finalized as soon as we have our attendees!  Everybody had a great time last year and the retreats are wonderful.  Please encourage your child to attend.  Thank you – Joan Faison (516) 445-6772.



Women of Wisdom Retreat 2011

Calling all women of New Hope!  The Women of Wisdom retreat for 2011 is now accepting registrations.  There are forms in the narthex to register for the retreat, which will take place from Friday, September 9 – Sunday, September 11, 2011.  The sooner you register, the better your chances are of getting a room in the conference center.



Men’s Retreat 2011

Calling all men of New Hope!  The Men’s retreat for 2011 is scheduled for Friday, September 30 – Sunday, October 2, 2011.  Please reserve those dates on your calendar if you wish to go.



"...God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him, shall have eternal life." -- John 3:16